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Galfer Wave Rotors for 2006-2015 Kawasaki ZX-14r



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Galfer Wave Rotors for 2006-2015 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R

When only the best will do, you have to choose Galfer Brake Rotors.

All Galfer Wave rotors are laser cut and made of a unique to Galfer high carbon 420 stainless steel material, all Galfer rotors have been pre-heat treated keeping in mind the final use of each specific application, thay have been parallel -double disc ground to assure perfect flatness and the most efficient contact surface between pad and rotor. The end result to such extensive and expensive manufacturing process improves dramatically the brake lever feel and brake feel feed back allowing the rider to get a much stronger and progressive brake performance than other cheaply made round and stamped rotors.

Other advantages are their light weight and looks, as well as the capability to dissipate heat under extreme brake conditions, but Galfer claims that their main focus in NOT the looks but the efficiency behind their invention!

Galfer Braking Systems owns the trade mark as well as the patent for the now well known wave rotor designs.

Over the years we have had great success with our invention and now days thousands of race teams and everyday riders of all types use our different

Why go to a genuine Galfer wave rotor you might ask? After all there are other copy-cats out there that look much alike

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